Wire 106 Weeks 11-12: Video Essays, Swedes, Final Projects and More Video

We will be treating weeks 11 and 12 as a single unit, so there will be only one weekly summary due for the work over the next two weeks by  Sunday 11/16 at 11:59 PM.

Wire Episodes
Season 3, episodes 11 & 12, Season 4, episode 1 (week 11)
Season 4, episodes 2, 3 & 4 (week 12)

Video Discussions
Week 11
Season 3, Episode 11: 7:30 PM, Tuesday, Nov 4th
Season 3, Episode 12: 7:30 PM, Thursday, Nov 6th
Season 4, Episode 1: 10:30 AM, Friday, Nov 7th

Week 12
Season 4, Episode 2: 7:30 PM, Tuesday, Nov 11th
Season 4, Episode 3: 7:30 PM, Thursday, Nov 12th
Season 4, Episode 4: 10:30 AM, Friday, Nov 13th

Sign-up here, and remember, we have only 3 more weeks after these, so be sure to get your video discussions scheduled.

Commentary Listen Along
For people who are interested in the episode commentaries, I scheduled commentaries for episodes 11 and 12 for Tuesday (11/4) and Wednesday (11/5) nights at 9 PM on ds106radio this week. You’ll be expected to tweet along with one of the two options using the hashtag. If this is an issue let us know.

Video assignments: 16 stars

We’ve been looking at video all semester, and last week we started to dig in to putting videos together. Now it’s time to go all out with video storytelling.

Pay attention to Video the ds106 Way from http://ds106.us/open-course/unit-10-making-movies/ in regards to including credits, more complex audio, write-ups, etc.

Also, we are going to do things a bit differently these next two weeks. Of those 16 stars we will be asking you to focus on two assignments in particular:

Swede an Episdoe from The Wire(4.5/5 stars):
Take any episdoe from The Wire and recreate it. Extra bonus points if you work together with other people from wire106 to create a more elaborate scene, and good practice for what’s to come.

The Wire Video Essay (5 stars)
Using the commentaries as a model. Do a close, in-depth commentary of one of the episodes. Rather than commenting on the episode in its entirety, choose specific scenes to discuss how they develop particular themes, reinforce an aesthetic, etc.

Final Projects

Pick a character from The Wire (first come, first serve) and develop a transmedia campaign. You can read more about the project here. To sign-up for a specific character (only one character per student) claim them in the comments of this post.

Daily creates: 2 each week

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37 Responses to Wire 106 Weeks 11-12: Video Essays, Swedes, Final Projects and More Video

  1. Demi Fulcher says:

    For My Final Project I will be using Kima Greegs.

  2. my final project, I will be using Omar Little!

  3. David Mercer says:

    – I will be using McNulty

  4. Quinntero says:

    For my final project I plan to use Bubbles, and expand upon my work found here:

  5. carmela says:

    Stringer, i choose you.

  6. Travis Peed says:

    For my final I am going to use Stringer Bell

  7. Syd Bauman says:

    I’ll use Omar Little!

  8. Syd Bauman says:

    Ok how about Frank Sobotka

  9. Travis Peed says:

    Actually I will do Avon Barksdale

  10. Lauren says:

    D’angelo please!

  11. Imran Ahmed says:

    I want Lester please!

  12. Paul says:

    Everybody’s going for the big names. The secondary characters have lots of possibilities too. In fact, they probably give you more freedom simply because they’re not as defined.

  13. Stefanie says:

    Daniels please!

  14. I’ll do Beatrice Russell!

  15. Jess Reingold says:

    brother mouzone!

  16. Amy Wallace says:

    I want to do Prez!

  17. John Meadows says:

    I’ll take Carver!!!

  18. Ien says:

    I would like Colvin please.

  19. Danielle says:

    I would like Herc!

  20. Jonathan B. says:

    I would like to do Bodie Broadus (claimed it 11/4/2014 @ 9:21 p.m.)

  21. Nick Randall says:

    I’ll take Prop Joe

  22. Nicky Memita says:

    George “Double G” Glekas, please!

  23. Desa Stone says:

    I’d like to do my project on Cheryl (Grigg’s girlfriend)

  24. Jeremy Hillberry says:

    I’m claiming Chris Partlow

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