WordCampEd: Vancouver

In less than 4 hours WordCampEd Vancouver will be kicking off. The event was spear-headed by the great D’Arcy Norman, and a whole bunch of my favorite people will be attending. here is another event I’m quite sorry not be a part of, but I’m sure much of it will be captured given the crew that’s participating. The schedule is as loose as they come, which means there will be plenty of room for some great antics. I look forward to all the discussion I can find through the internets, but, alas, will have to settle for recordings as they become available.

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2 Responses to WordCampEd: Vancouver

  1. Steven Egan says:

    I know this hardship, and feel much the same way. That’s why I’m so serious about the Bavacon. So many great events I can’t get to, forget to observe and don’t know about.

  2. Les Nessman says:

    “The schedule is as loose as they come” you can say that again!

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