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James Baldwin on Education

Kudos to YouTube user youwhohear for editing parts of this longer discussion with the great James Baldwin  at UC Berkeley in 1974 into a few salient remarks about the crisis of education in the U.S. in  1974. What’s remarkable to … Continue reading

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More harm than good

Mike Caulfield and I have been having some fun thinking about questions of reform and the state of public education.  I freely acknowledge I am out of my element, but I left a long comment on Mike’s post here, and … Continue reading

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Instructional Technology is not Information Technology

Wow! Luke Waltzer just nailed a strategic plan outlining the future of instructional technology at CUNY. Honest, fair, and to the point, an amazing post about why instructional technology needs to be taken ever more seriously as an integral part … Continue reading

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Citizen Groom

Why do I like returning to NYC for events like CUNY WordcampEd? Well, for one I get treated like the Citizen Kane of Educational Technology which ain’t no small thing.  CUNY is currently constructing a Xanadu just for me! What … Continue reading

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Blogfesores 2009: Contenido Abierto!

It’s a great honor to have been invited to talk at the Third Congress of Blogfesores in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, this Friday, May 8th. I’ve been following the work of a number of people in Puerto Rico for a while … Continue reading

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Smarthistory re-imagines the textbook

Beth Harris and Steve Zucker’s smarthistory is an exciting effort to re-imagine expensive Art History textbooks as open (as in free) web-based resources—with a Creative Commons share-alike license to boot. From what I understand from the original site designer, Joe … Continue reading

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“Open is always outward facing”

Last Wednesday I had a discussion with Philipp Schmidt, Ahrash Bissell, and Dave Humphrey for the second seminar of the Mozilla Open Education course. This discussion was designed to focus on four different case studies, but unfortunately Wayne Macintosh and … Continue reading

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The un-education of a technologist

Brian Lamb graciously let me tag along for a publication he was asked to do for the Spanish journal Revista de Universidad y Sociedad del Conocimiento (RUSC), and without hesitation I jumped aboard. I may have ultimately been more hindrance … Continue reading

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Small Pieces To-Go

Image credit: devnull’s Kafka2 Andy Rush and I recently did a presentation focusing on the small pieces loosely joined approach for mobile devices.  It was a fun presentation, particularly because Andy collected a wealth of information about apps for the … Continue reading

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Blog…You keep saying that word, but I don’t think it means what you think it means

Forgive me for the re-publishing, but I just wanted to bring my page from the ELI 2009 presentation into the bava in an ongoing effort to build my personal brand and leverage my innumerable distributed online efficiencies and sweat equity … Continue reading

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