WordPress Anonymous

Direct from the MooseCamp 2008 Wiki I give you WordPress Anonymous. Here is the working description of a proposed MooseCamp session titled “WordPress Anonymous”:

Image of AA badgeI would like to know if there is any interest in an intervention session titled WPA (WordPress Anonymous). The basic idea of this session is that WordPress users can come together, admit they are addicted, and seek help through the power of narratives. It will be a meeting premised on audience interaction and sharing about how they got hooked, how it has changed their ideas of self, affected their family life, and what they plan on doing to deal with these issues. We welcome the WordPress haterz as well, for they also need help and can learn a lot from those who admit they have a problem. Coffee and donuts will be served during the meeting. Please let me know if you are interested in helping and/or sharing below.

I know the session is geared to a “technology” and it may very well prove a non-starter. Nonetheless, it is one way to start thinking through alternative conference sessions that aren’t premised on the prevailing logic of conferences, yet rooted in a grand tradition of sharing and helping one another.

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  2. Pine Desk  says:

    my cousin loves to podcas all day long, he has this sort of podcas obsession thingy”””

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