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This morning we got a request from Coventry University to have a link in the footer of every site to their privacy policy. I did a quick Google search and one of the top hits was a blog the bava is quite familiar with: Bionic Teaching. Turns out Tom Woodward figured this out in 2018 and blogged it with his usual terse efficiency, and within minutes we had a solution for Coventry. Below is the results of my wrapping up Tom’s code into a privacy_footer plugin that is now network activated on Coventry’s WPMS:

Click image to view the more readable text

So, I wanted to write this so I have a record, but also as a quick thank you to Tom for sharing the work he does with WordPress Multisite and beyond for the world to benefit so freely. It is appreciated.

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  1. Tom says:


    It always makes me feel a bit better to see stuff actually get used. You are a good person Jim Groom.

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