“Yeah….I’ve been busy”

One of my favorite film quotes of all time, and it’s all in the way Luther says it. If you know the film, then you are my hero. What’s more, no one had this quote isolated on YouTube, what a shame. So here it is five times in a row—all in HD 🙂 [Video was not embedding so had to replace it.] What’s more is that I’ve been saying this a lot recently, and with just two weeks until we all go to Italy it will only get worse.

The other thing my kids and I have been doing a lot lately—and it’s been a total blast—is riffing off LCD Sound System’s “New York I Love You, but You’re Bringing Me Down” (thanks Brian). I’ll say to my daughter in a singsong voice, “Tess I love you….” and Miles will finish it with matter-of-fact “but you’re freakin’ me out.” It’s become kind of a game around the house. I’ll say the same to Miles, and Tess will finish it with “but your bringing me down” or “you’re freaking me out” —depending on her temper. It’s awesome. I need to make a video, cause we actually get into it.

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