YouTube Doubler

YouTube Doubler

Chris Anna, a student from the Digital Storytelling course, just posted about YouTube Doubler, which bills itself as a mashup helper. And it is immediately apparent to me how this could be a useful tool for seeing how two clips match up against one another while thinking through a video mashup. What’s more, I just used it to see how my cuts from a video I made based on a scene from Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums match up against the original. By doing this, I immediately got some ideas about how much longer my cuts are, and how efficient the editing in the film by comparison. A very useful tool with several possibilities, I just was thinking why not have students film a favorite scene from a movie of their choice, and then compare their work to the original with this tool and talk about the differences, etc. I could see that being a very effective way for thinking through video editing, which is a series of important choices that one learns through both practice and example—and one needs to learn right away that cutting and editing have become synonymous for a reason—you must cut, cut, and then cut your shots again.

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4 Responses to YouTube Doubler

  1. Chris Anna says:

    Sir Groom,

    Thank you for the response to this website. I merely stumbled upon it and thought it was great for mashups, however I never thought of it as a helpful tool in editing films, but I suppose it could be.

    Chris Anna
    Computer Science UMW

  2. Reverend says:


    I think it could be most useful for preparing a mashup and also comparing edits, your find is going to inform an upcoming assignment for this course, so thank you. Your creating the curriculum, which is the point of the whole experiment.

  3. Brad K says:

    what would be cool is if there was one big play button for both videos, and maybe you could specify audio from yet a third video. It couldn’t make complicated mashups, but there could be poetry in this prescribed format, sort of like a mashup haiku.

  4. Tom says:

    I agree with Brad- the single play button would be very nice.

    It is cool to be able to do this so easily though.

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