14 on Friday the 13th

Not one to break with tradition, I wanted to interrupt the radio silence on the bava over the past few weeks to say happy birthday to the best damn blog from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon for that matter. This blog turns 14 years old today, and that’s pretty damn awesome. I don’t think I have had any one past time (is that the right word? maybe “post time” is better? 🙂 ) I’ve done for this long in my life. I guess that’s because I love the bava, dead links and all.  2019 has been a bit quieter on this here blog than usual, but that’s all part of the ebb and flow of one’s time and attentions. I should be blogging more, I know it, cause blogging has been so very, very good to me, but at the same time I have found some peace when it comes the guilt of not always blogging on this site, although I am never not blogging in my head. Scary, I know…

But, I do have some posts to write before this year closes, and I figured this blog birthday post is a good way to blog about what I am going to blog about:

  • Los Angeles – my trip to LA in November with the family was awesome, need to get those images up and share my thoughts before they are gone
  • The 5-day Dolemite hike with Antonella in August was epic, and I actually blogged 3 of the 5 days, but only published one of them. Will finish that up and get in out
  • OE Global in Milan – what a fun, mellow conference I attended earlier this month. Need to blog it and the Canadian aftermath in Trento
  • Reclaim Arcade – almost too much to blog on this front, but I’ve had a post in the hopper about a boyhood amusement park in Long Island that is almost ready to go
  • Reclaim Video – I went on a buying spree of laser and video discs a couple of months ago, so an update would be fun. Also, with Reclaim Arcade going live in Spring, Reclaim Video may gain some square footage, very exciting!
  • Reclaim Hosting year in review- the gift that keeps on giving. If this blog made Reclaim Hosting possible, then Reclaim Hosting has made everything else in my life possible, and I’m gearing up for even more Reclaim Hosting goodness in 2020
  • Also, I still have to blog about MS Teams (that’s well overdue), and I will not be blogging about Instructure because the LMS is already dead 😉
  • Photos, photos, photos

So, anyway, the little blog that coulda shoulda eventually will. Happy birthday, bavatuesdays, try not to eat the yellow snow on your geburtstag!



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4 Responses to 14 on Friday the 13th

  1. Jerry says:

    Happy Birthday Bava! This lasted longer that Slide Show Pro! 🙂

  2. Alan Levine says:

    And I thought from the post title this was about a Camp Crystal Lake movie retrospective.

    Happy blog birthday. Even blogging about not blogging is blogging. There’s fewer and fewer left of the Bloghicans, I’m in to the end. With ya. Theme and all.

    • Reverend says:

      Thank you kindly. I almost can’t stop blogging, despite my recent struggles, but that’s another post about blogging 🙂

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