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Arrival Afternoon in Downtown Inverness #OER23

I did something I haven’t done in a while, I actually posted images to Flickr I took within a few hours and write titles and descriptions, and even tagged them. I know, crazy, right? In many ways this seemingly moribund … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead Back to the Blog

Well, the only good thing about being away from the bava.blog for more than a month is the tried and true joy of blogging about not blogging. Or blogging about the will to blog. Or blogging about how no one … Continue reading

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bava 3700

Every so often my blog hits a random milestone, and this one happened to come at the start of my 18th year of blogging, and the very end of 2022. Given that, I figured I would use it as an … Continue reading

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The Blogsphere is Hot….with Edtech Angst

The above video has been the source of an ongoing joke at Reclaim Hosting for many years now. I’ve been carrying the blogging torch and this has been my referent point for a time when blogging was so popular and … Continue reading

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bavaweekly 1-11-2022 -the Show Notes

My first bavaweekly stream of 2022 is in the can, and you can watch it here. It’s a bit of a comedy of errors with my dog, Duke, trying to get his bone out from under the green screen. So … Continue reading

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bava 3500

https://twitter.com/mbransons/status/570951362994954240 Seems like just 100 posts ago I was writing about the bava 3400, oh how time and blog posts fly by. Not sure why 3500 posts feels like a landmark to me, but who am I to fight the … Continue reading

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A Belated Happy Birthday to the bava

Here’s to 15 years on the bava, and all the irreparable damage it has caused me. Well, actually, I am a couple of weeks late. My blog anniversary is December 13th, but this December has flown by and I have … Continue reading

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Utopian Tendencies Episode 5: the Utopian Rhetoric of Web 2.0

https://bavatuesdays.com/wp-content/audio/utopian_tendencies_5_utopian_rhetoric_web2.mp3 Trying to catch up on the Utopian Tendencies radio show Lauren Heywood and I have been producing the last couple of months. This recording is from the June 26th, 2020 live stream on ds106radio. This was the first time … Continue reading

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14 on Friday the 13th

Not one to break with tradition, I wanted to interrupt the radio silence on the bava over the past few weeks to say happy birthday to the best damn blog from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine, or Portland, Oregon for that … Continue reading

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Blogging at Scale with Google Sheets

When you go directly from several weeks of work travel into the beginning of the semester rush at Reclaim Hosting, the bava.blog necessarily gets neglected. But that changes now! Back on August 22nd Tim and I sat down with John Stewart … Continue reading

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