This is post number 31, and it comes on the 31st day of May, 2014. While it might seem like cheap filler for the bava to get to 31 posts in 31 days, it’s actually a way for me to talk about my blogging process so far this year. At the beginning of 2014 I decided to try and get as many blog posts in a month as there are days. I actually didn’t meet that goal until this month, and in many ways the actual number of posts was not the point. The idea was to push me to blog more regularly. To create a certain urgency to share what I’m doing, thinking, learning, etc. whether or not I think other people will find it useful. I find most folks fall down on blogging because they assume they have nothing to say. That’s the wrong approach, in my opinion. The act of pushing yourself to write is far more about creating and learning, than having some pre-packaged thing to say. It’s a commitment to try and communicate something with words. Work your way through an idea to understand it better; a generative process of creating, learning, and sharing all at once.

I never put the limitation on myself to publish daily (I write in bursts), but blogging is the lion’s share of my work so without some regularity to my posts my work suffers. I feel Tony Hirst’s pain in the tweet above, when you’ve grown accustomed to sharing your ideas for years (and he’s one of the greats), the idea of stopping for “work” is akin to the idea of learning lost. When work becomes antithetical to open communication, it’s loses its wonder. I don’t wanna stop learning, on the other had I also don’t want the blog to be the land of obligation. It needs to remain a freezone to explore and share whatever I want, and so far it has because UMW continues to rule.

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