5 Minute Tour of Reclaim HQ

While back at Reclaim HQ I took a quick video providing a tour of the space, highlighting Reclaim Video, the burgeoning collection of 80s arcade cabinets, as well as a sneak peak at the installation we built with Ryan Seslow over the weekend in preparation for Domains19. I’m not gonna lie, the space we have built over the last 2 and a half years is pretty awesome, and the siren song to return to Freddy to work there full-time is strong these day. What’s more, we are mulling the possibility of doubling Reclaim HQ’s footprint to enlarge CoWork and possible add a fully operational 80s arcade. Pretty sick, right? Not a done deal by any stretch, but definitely something we are now strongly considering. Spaces matter, and this past week we had 6 of the seven Reclaim Hosting team on the ground and it felt really good to be able to take breaks and watch a random VHS tape or laserdisc or play Asteroids or Galaxian or simply just hang out in the coolest space in Fredericksburg bar none! #4life

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