5 Videos Featuring Digital Projects at UMW

Last week I went on a 48-hour video creation and editing binge. It was prompted by an end of the year celebration surrounding the Digital Scholars Institute (DSI), which recognizes some of the amazing work happening around campus. My part of the program was to sit down with a few folks and get a short 2-3 minute video highlighting the digital project(s) they’re working on. I liked this for three reasons: 1) it forced me to make something, 2) it allowed me to start playing with the cyclorama we have in our media production studio, and 3) I got to hear about all the cool projects happening on campus. I already blogged about the video featuring Zach Whalen talking about UMW’s Console Living Room exhibit. So the following videos represent the other projects I highlighted as part of the DSI event last week. I still have a few more in the hopper, but I figured it might make sense to get this stuff out there in the meantime.

Studio Art professor and Gallery Specialist Rosemary Jesionowski discusses the ongoing project she is undergoing to digitize the Ritterhof Martin Gallery collection.

Suzanne Huffman, UMW’s Digital Resources Librarian, discusses the various projects happening in Simpson Library’s Digital Gallery.

Professors Betsy Lewis (Modern Languages) and Andréa Livi Smith (Historic Preservation) discuss their student-driven database WordPress sites. Betsy’s database focuses on Spanish Journals from the 19th and 20th century, whereas Andi’s is survey database of properties in Fredericksburg

Creative Writing professor Warren Rochelle discusses his Wood Between the Worlds project, which Ryan Brazell helped him imagine. What’s more, Ryan wrote a brilliant overview of their project thinking.

Finally, Katherine Perdue, Assistant Systems Librarian, discuss her work creating a web-based interface to access and explore the 80+ years of the student newspaper that has been digitized and hosted on the Internet Archive.



I had a lot of fun with these videos. I brushed up on my Final Cut skills, which are rudimentary. More than anything, I started playing with what you can do with the background on a clean green screen to help supplement the story. I used the green screen to actually show the gallery archive that has been digitized in the background or demonstrate how the high-end digital book scanner works as person being interviewed talks. I even used the video background in the case of Andi and Betsy to poke fun at them 🙂 It was a pretty fun project, and I think these videos can live on as a quick testament to a few of the digital projects we were working on in 2015 at UMW. They are far from perfect, but they did help to remind me how much I enjoy working with video.

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