Zach Whalen on the Vectex and #umwconsole

I have been spending the last two days capturing video of folks at UMW talking about the various digital projects they’re working on. I’m doing this in part for the Digital Scholars Institute (DSI) soirée this Thursday (I like short deadlines), as well as an excuse to make something. We have some pretty cool new digs in terms of a media production studio as well as bitching editing suite, so I’ve been having some fun while Rome burns. The first video I finished was the one above featuring Zach Whalen discussing the UMW Console Living Room exhibit by way of the 1982 game console Vectrex.

It was Zach’s idea to bring in the Vectrex console as a prop, as well as to have the built-in game Minestorm playing in the background. And while Zach was responsible for everything compelling in this video, I shot and edited it—so screw you! What’s cool about this for me is that Zach’s DSI talk about the Vectrex earlier this year is what got us started down the rabbit hole that was the UMW Console exhibit. So, at least for me, the DSI has yielded some really fun, collaborative work this year. I am looking forward to more.

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  1. MBS says:

    Please add the Dr. Who Theme Song. I want to trip out on Zach’s awesomeness. 😉

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