A few links …

Getting back to the roots of web logging, here are a few links (some of which have accumulated in my bookmarks for way too long) for your perusal:

  • Reveal is a cool extensionn for Firefox 1.5 (just another reason to upgrade)

  • Giant Octopus attacking submarine caught on video (video yet to be relesaed)
  • An article in The Economist about the Honors College initiative at CUNY
  • A perennial now (thanks to Zach): Make

Enjoy! – and be sure to give me somewhere to go …

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One Response to A few links …

  1. J. Clifford says:

    I’ve posted the video of the supposed giant octopus attack on Irregular Times, along with a commentary on the attack by my son. He didn’t seem to think that the octopus meant any harm.

    See for yourself:

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