A List of Plugins Used on the Bava

I have been meaning to use David Benini’s Plugins List plugin (I love plugins about plugins–the meta-plugin!) which simply allows you to include a list of all the plugins you are using on your site. Simple, yet potentially very useful for others, and a way to give a shout out for all the hardworking folks out there who are truly responsible for making WordPress as great as it is (yep, I’m creeping back to the state of ecstatic fanboy!).

And while it won’t list the MultiUser plugins running on the bava, it will list all the standard plugins, and that may help some of you upgrading to WPMu 2.6 get an idea of what will fly, for all of these have been tested and work well with the beta 1 of WPMu 2.6. As you will probably notice, I don’t use all of these plugins, but many of them are also for UMW Blogs testing, as you can see UMW Blogs is the real deal! We don’t half step when it comes to plugins! Whose better than UMW Blogs, name me one blogging service…just one, damn it!!!

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6 Responses to A List of Plugins Used on the Bava

  1. oh, so THAT’s why it takes so fracking long to load pages! 😉

  2. Reverend says:

    No, it’s because genius takes time, baby!

  3. mikhail says:

    Hey Jim,

    Just checking out your list and seeing how inline comment editing is supposed to work.

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