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Archiving Faculty Academy

I mentioned in this post last month that the Faculty Academy sites were down. I discussed this with Martha and realized all the Faculty Academy sites had been created as an independent network within UMW Blogs, and given the plugin … Continue reading

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Civil Rights Leader James Farmer’s UMW Lectures Online

More than five years ago I started working with UMW’s archivist Carolyn Parsons to try and digitize James Farmer’s video lecture series recorded here at UWM in 1983. The lecture series was pretty awesome, and it basically revolved around James … Continue reading

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UMW Study Abroad Blogs: A Case Study in Aggregated Self Service

Remember when the gas pumps moved from attended to self service? Well, if you’re not from dirty Jersey and you happen to be old enough you might remember this transition, and for me it was a special one.  I always … Continue reading

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UMWeb 2.0: UMW webifies its world

Well, it’s a proud time for the folks at UMW’s DTLT these days, we’ve been a tight group, and I think our personal dynamics have as much to do with our success as the fact that we all share these … Continue reading

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Just another hole-in-the-wall

Image credit: omphale44‘s “Puerto Rico- Old San Juan Fortress Wall” I’m on the plane back from three days in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I figured I’d try and capture it before it slips away—something which unfortunately happened with … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs and BuddyPress is disco a go-go!

Image Credit: Alan(ator)’s “Solar System Disco Ball Mobile” That’s right, UMW Blogs now has all the BuddyPress features fully operational, take a look for yourself at the blogs directory, members directory, groups directory and profiles. This is very eciting for … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs To-Do List

Well, we are swinging back into full development mode at DTLT, and UMW Blogs looms large on the agenda. I’ve been playing around with BuddyPress for the last week or so, and I finally got it installed and the integration … Continue reading

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Hacked P2: Is it a blog? A micro-blog? Or twitter?….Or all three?

I’ve been dying to blog this, but I’ve been in beautiful Camden, NJ, piling up more work to do for Digital Whitman, a project which will shortly become the center of my life. But before that happens, I wanted to … Continue reading

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My tractor for a wiki farm

Image credit: gem66’s “Farm Tractor and Family” The recent annoucnement and sharing of the various extensions and code that enables user integration between WPMu and MediaWiki, I have once again returned to the idea of make the UMW Blogs Wiki … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs Upgraded to WPMu 2.7.1

“Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. Move along now….move along.” We waited until the end of the semester for the UMW Blogs upgrade to 2.7.1 and I have to say going from version 2.6.5 to 2.7.1 was the … Continue reading

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