The Search for O’Blivion: a phone call, an image, and a potential posse?

After today’s live broadcast I received a rather strange phone message which I’m not sure what to do with, take a listen below and let me know what you think. It was from this free online wake-up call service, so it could have been anyone—as always the case with these clues and sightings—but the reference is odd, and there is a promise for more updates.

A phone message from Dr. O’Blivion?

Also, someone uploaded the following screenshot via the ds106radio dropbox, once again I have no real way to trace the source, but the file name was “closer_than_you_think.png”. Bizarre.

I am assuming it is the server we have setup for any and everyone to use, but on a quick scout through the environment today I came up empty handed. It’s a vast world, however, and it would take a well organized search party to make any real headway. Perhaps there may be some out there interested in organizing and leading a search posse for Dr. O’Blivion in Minecraft? It may very well be a lead worth following.

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One Response to The Search for O’Blivion: a phone call, an image, and a potential posse?

  1. Andrej Stare says:

    I sent myself a wake -up call. The message was very hard to understand. If I had not known it ahead of time, I would not have understood it.

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