A Yawp for Help! Describing Whitman in the World

Meghan Edwards is a student in the Digital Whitman class here at UMW, and she has come up with an extremely interesting idea for a final project that takes advantage of the social networking tools we have been using this semester. She is interested in getting as much feedback as possible on how the world reads Whitman. What better way to get a rough sense of a global reception of Whitman than through social media? And while it will be necessarily an incomplete snapshot, I love the idea of attempting a project that uses the new media landscape to get a sense of the international pulse of Whitman’s reception around the world. To this end, I want to plead with anyone reading this to take the survey as well as to republish in your own network as widely as possible.

Describing-whitmanMeghan has created a site for her project that briefly describes the idea behind her project, as well as includes a link to a quick Google form embedded within the Survey page on her site. So, be sure to check out her project, and please, please, please fll out the quick survey and redistribute this as far and wide as possible.

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