All Roads Lead Back to the Blog

Well, the only good thing about being away from the for more than a month is the tried and true joy of blogging about not blogging. Or blogging about the will to blog. Or blogging about how no one blogs. In the end, any blogging about blogging is good blogging. And so it goes….cue the “I’ve been busy” clip from 48 Hours featuring Luther’s indignation at being questioned while retrieving his car from a parking garage after several years “away”:

Some tropes never get old, just like blogging. And what’s more germane to the form than a list of things to do? There are so many….

  • The West Coast Walkabout in February is a full blown series I will write about, but in the meantime Brian Lamb has already alluded to how powerful that trip was on some deep levels in his post. And I have so much more to say about everything from the need for human connection, friendship, edtech polyamory, and what’s next for this geezer. “Throw it hard, Fink!”
  • But before that I need to document the aftermath of getting my phone stolen in Milan on Sunday
  • Reclaim Hosting, Reclaim Hosting, Reclaim Hosting. My blog delinquency has impacted the chronicle of so much of the magic happening at the best damn edtech hosting company from Timbuktu to Portland Maine, or Portland, Oregon for that matter. So much to say about everything from the team trip in San Diego which kicked off the West Coast Walkabout to work with .edu multi-region hosting to the ongoing workshops and flex courses all leading up to what promises to be an epic Reclaim Open conference in June. So much awesome…
  • Another neglected part of the story has been all the work on the bavacade. Just one game away—which is Cheyenne—from the mythical 100% operational status, but that road is paved with endless labor that has gone undocumented, such as refurbishing Pac-man, Dig Dug, and Venture; installing high-score, multi-game kits for Venture and Pac-man; various monitor chassis repairs; as well as the new PDX sattellite addition of Moon Cresta.

So I guess all of this (and more) is gonna keep the bava busy for the weeks and months to come. That’s the work, and I love it. Long live the blog!

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