Alternative Book Covers: Naked Lunch

I just submitted this as an assignment, and I will be doing a quick tutorial for this one in Photoshop and GIMP shortly. It is either a two or three star assignment in my mind, and the inspiration comes from this contest from a few years back. I took William S. BurroughsNaked Lunch and interpreted the title somewhat literally with an image I found from this Guardian article.

Here is the version of the book I own (this is not a picture of my book, just one like it I found on the internet):

I simply grabbed the background color of the book cover and filled it into my image and then copy and pasted the title and author’s name from this image into the project. I then posted the image of the nude people eating lunch between the title and the author’s name. The inspired touch was having the motion picture by Anthony Bourdain rather than David Cronenberg. This was too much fun.

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5 Responses to Alternative Book Covers: Naked Lunch

  1. Alan Liddell says:

    THAT’S what I was hoping for. Naked people on a book cover. Jim Groom FTW.

  2. scottlo says:

    I must confess, I knew nothing of this Anthony Bourdain prior to finding this iconic work you’ve created. Upon following the wikipedia link you provided and learning more of this cat, I would concur that he is a perfect choice for bringing Naked Lunch to the silver screen.

    Nice one, Jim Groom.

  3. Feng Chen says:

    I’m not sure what to say….

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