Animated Apocalypse

Here’s a GIF for all you edtech survivalists out there, keep the faith—we will rise again and slay the man 🙂

Kinda surprised no one did this one yet. I actually did a few versions of this one in GIMP, and I am getting a much better handle on it. Below you’ll see another one with half the frames, and it loses so much of the elegance. The above image is 3.8 MBs, and the one below is 1.9 MBs. I think what you lose going from 8 frames per second to 4 frames per second is all of the art—I love the slow rise of Martin Sheen’s head in the first image, and that could even be better with more frames. Still need to figure out the best way to compress these GIFs, which is all the more reason to keep playing.

Update: In order to make my point, here is the 14 MB 29.7 fps animated GIF of that scene.

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  1. Marc says:

    So true man, that is awesome…never get off the boat…

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