Anyone out there got good audio assignment ideas?

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This is a quick attempt to generate some cool audio assignments for #ds106. We’re moving into a 2-3 week section on storytelling with audio, and various groups of participants will be focusing on collaboratively producing a radio show (see the details here). And as a way to help distributively generate ideas, Martha and I thought it might be useful to push for some more audio assignment submission to get the ds106 internauts thinking about all kinds of possibilities. Especially given how brilliantly the submit and assignment feature worked for the visual and design portion fo the course. So, if you have a good idea for an assignment, we would love it, and as an added bonus you are helping to build this class—put that on your resume!

Check out the audio assignments we have already, and if you have a good one to add submit it here.

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2 Responses to Anyone out there got good audio assignment ideas?

  1. Erin Bell says:

    Hi Jim,

    I love the idea of soliciting ideas from outside the classroom. Mine is not really an assignment suggestion; just a little something you might find interesting. I did a project with some local middle school students, who conducted audio interviews with individuals suffering from mental illnesses. (The results can be seen here: ). An intense experience for middle school kids (see the “Bill E.” clip, where the interviewee tells two 7th grade girls, “I’ve been to hell”). They recorded and edited the audio themselves, adding music and narration, and the results were pretty impressive – better in some ways than some of the oral history work I’ve seen from undergraduate history students and public historians. Anyway, I like to bring this up to teachers and college students working with audio to light a fire under their asses, and make sure they turn in something significantly more sophisticated, creative and polished. If a 12 year old can do it …

  2. JIm Groom says:


    This is an awesome example, I will be talking about this in the coming weeks. And having a coordinated relationship between the radio at UMW and the larger community is key—I will be stealing this idea, so thank you for your generosity in pointing me to this goodness.

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