API & Domains Summit

On June 3rd and 4th BYU and University of Utah will be co-hosting a two day unconference around APIs and Domains in Salt Lake City.  The idea is to join a bunch of folks who want explore how APIs can help to reshape IT services and infrastructure for higher education, a la the University API. In addition,  Phil Windley thought it might be fun to marry this event with some of the Domain of One’s Own work we have been doing at UMW and beyond. With Kin Lane kicking off the event, it will feel a lot like a Reclaim Your Domain event, so how could I resist?

I’m planning to continue my long and painfully slow education around APIs, as well as aide and abet anyone interested in exploring a Domain of One’s Own project. In particular, how might such a project bolster a conversation around digital fluency and digital identity at your institution? How can we build  a trojan horse like the e-portfolio to get it on campus? How might we start understanding personal web space in relationship to broader questions of privacy online and ownership in the digital age?  I’m hoping folks like David Morgen at Emory University, Kristen Eschelman at Davidson College, Adam Croom and Mark Morvant from Oklahoma, and others can make it to share their own experiences—as well as for a pow wow amongst institutions currently in the thick of running Domains. If you are serious considering a domains project, this event is an opportunity to feel it out and get some focused time to consider your options, ask questions, and even get a sense of the broader picture. See the eventbrite page, or reach out in the comments or via email for more details.

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  1. MBS says:

    The Quest for the Domain of One’s Own

    JIM GROOM: What happens now?
    TIM OWENS: Well, now, uh, Kin Lane, Martha Burtis, and I wait until summer break, and then leap out of the e-portfolio, taking the professors by surprise — not only by surprise, but totally offline!
    JIM GROOM: Who leaps out?
    TIM OWENS: Uh, Kin Lane, Martha Burtis, and I. Uh, leap out of the e-portfolio, uh and uh….
    JIM GROOM: Oh….
    TIM OWENS: Oh…. Um, l-look, if we built this large digital repository—

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