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cPanel Minimalism

We recently migrated UNLV’s faculty websites to a Domain of One’s Own environment. I learned a lot during that migration which in turn helped motivate me to finally clean up the bavatuesdays multi-network site I’ve been putting off for over … Continue reading

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Tech Infrastructure as OER

Recently on Twitter, Jöran Muuß-Merhol reminded me of a discussion we had back in 2016 at the OER Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.  This podcast with @jimgroom on the beauty and the messiness of #learning is one of my favorites! (Only … Continue reading

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Ghost in a Shell

I woke up this morning with an excited text from Tim “the wonderful wizard of Reclaim” Owens pointing me to some work he did on our Cloudron test instance. Short version: it is awesome. Now for the slightly longer version. … Continue reading

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Practical Advice for Running Domain of One’s Own

I spend some of my time these days giving sage advice; us thought leaders do that from time to time—consider it a fringe benefit of staying my ass in school 🙂 Anyway, I was asked how I would approach framing a Domain of … Continue reading

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The Indie EdTech Movement

I’m just returning from a deeply energizing trip to California. I spent the bulk of my time in Los Angeles, but also spent two days at Stanford University for the dLRN conference. This post was inspired by the presentation I did with Adam Croom at dLRN. … Continue reading

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Initial Notes on an API-Driven Community Site for BYU

Last week Tim and I travelled to Brigham Young University to continue conversations started in June around how BYU’s University API initiative, Domain of One’s Own, and an emerging vision of personal APIs might converge. We spent the first part of … Continue reading

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Domains and the Cost of Innovation

Domain names – part of the answer to the digital skills gap? https://t.co/VVeGQQ6MiR – inspired by @audreywatters — Jim Knight (@jimpknight) July 17, 2015 Audrey Watters brilliant article “The Web We Need to Give Students” delineates a host of excellent reasons for … Continue reading

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API & Domains Summit

On June 3rd and 4th BYU and University of Utah will be co-hosting a two day unconference around APIs and Domains in Salt Lake City.  The idea is to join a bunch of folks who want explore how APIs can … Continue reading

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Domain Knowledge

Erika Spivey, Assistant Director of Media and Public Relations, published a follow-up on Domain of One’s Own today titled “Peer Mentoring Elevates Domain of One’s Own.” What I like about this piece is how it ties the ability for DTLT to scale a program … Continue reading

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An Art Portfolio of One’s Own

Over the weekend UMW alum Lindsay Coffman wanted to know how to point her portfolio’s domain to her Squarespace site. In fact, we got two different requests over the weekend from fine arts alum who wanted to do this—does that make it … Continue reading

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