Around the World, Around the World

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It all started with John Johnston’s simple assignment “Jim dances around the world” featuring a GIF of me dancing during my OpenEd 2011 Keynote. The rest is ds106 history.

Below are all the versions I could find to date, including the original three from John Johnston in this post and which immediately follow.

One of the earliest renditions of this assignment, Melanie Barker finds me dancing at the UVA Board of Visitors meeting alongside Helen Dragas.

Sean Piachetti had me dancing to the Midnight Sun in the ds106zone (the only for-credit student crazy enouygh to do this one).

I am in Brian Bennett’s yard dancing on his tulips

The creator of this madness, and the man to blame for this post, John Johnston takes another crack at his assignment with Jim groom in the Jefferson Airplane.

Andrew Forgrave markvilles me as a Maniac Maniac!

The CogDog has Jim Groom as unstoppable

Rowan Peter Peter Rowan has me dancing in the streets of Seoul, South Korea

Cristina Hendrick’s “Jim Groom dancing in my fridge

For a second time on this assignment, Melanie Barker’s  watching out for me with “Watch out for the horse Jim”

Sue Fernsebner’s Dancing with Tricky Dick and the Chinese commies

David Kernohan’s Run Jim Run

Keeping with the horror/scifi cinematic, Paul Bond has me dancing in the hull of an abandoned spacecraft on the Planet of the Vampires.

Rocky Lou’s had a twofer with Out of this World with joy and Jim dancing the Hula Hot Seat
Out of this world with joy

Jim dances the hot seat

Bill Smith’s Pipe Dreams of Jim Groom
Jim groom dancing in a pipe

Todd Conaway’s Jim dancing the #ds106
Jim dancing the ds106

Michael Branson Smith even throws in some Slide Guy Love.


Or Andrew Forgrave’s Talky Tina’s ds106 poster of Jim Groom dancing around the world, literally.
Image of Jim Groom dancing around the world

Update: Sorry I missed Kevin Hodgson’s GIF, thanks for the heads up—I got confused by the popcorn.

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12 Responses to Around the World, Around the World

  1. The ds106 zombie infection around the world. Choice.

  2. How can folks do anything but smile, Jim, as they see all the fun you are having dancing all around the world? We all enjoyed doing this one!

  3. I love having these all in one place! And the music works really well while watching! Agree with Andrew…this was really really fun to do. And infectious. Like I want to put you in lots of stuff because you just look like so darn happy! Like ds106 makes me feel.

    • Reverend says:

      Be careful the ds106 zombies are getting to you. Soon enough Stephen Downes will say you have joined a cult. A cult of AWESOME!

  4. Thanks for putting this together Jim, I’d recommend that folk watch the footage I grabbed the gif from. For the completist I’ve also used you as a busy widget for a few wee projects, for example;-)

  5. dkernohan says:

    I missed the one you made… where is it? #ArtLack

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