ds106tv: Where are they now? The International Adventures of Sarah Kountz

This video gave me an idea for a larger series. Here’s the elevator pitch:

A ds106tv show in which we reach out to for-credit students who took ds106 at UMW (or any other college for credit) and find out what they are doing now and how this class changed their life.

I think it would be fun, and even if it never takes off, we at least have a pilot episode. And, in fact, how smart would it be for any university to have an ongoing series in which you reach out to alum and have them talk about their experience after college on video?

Anyway, recent UMW alum and ds106 creative giant Sarah Kountz sat down with me last week to talk about her year abroad teaching English in South Korea. She is far and away one of the most creative and engaged students I’ve had at UMW, and I am not surprised she is have a blast in the classroom. She returns to Korea in mid-August for another year of teaching abroad, and it was a pleasure to catch up with her to get a sense of where she is and where she is going.

What I learned from this episode is there is no reason to push ds106 so hard, it’s the invisible tie that binds regardless. Throughout the episode I was unclear as to whether this was episode 106 of DTLT Today (which would be numerologically significant) or a separate ds106tv show. And while the blurring of the two is understandable, this was not a show about ds106 or DTLKT per se, but one made possible by ds106—and that’s even better. So, it’s a series made for ds106.tv titled “Where are they now?” —and that’s what we need, some daytime programming!

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4 Responses to ds106tv: Where are they now? The International Adventures of Sarah Kountz

  1. Alan Levine says:

    I love the idea of that show! I’ve always though that we often don’t see it know of the impact of an educational experience until years after we ask for evaluations.

    Can we reach out by email too? I check previous students sites now and then to see what they have done/not done with them.

    Daytime programming yeah! Soaps!

  2. Reverend says:

    I would totally reach out by email, that would probably make more sense. I am thinking about making contact with a few folks, including Linda McKenna, Andrew Allingham, and many more. It would bea blast. Do one or two a month, it would add up quick 🙂

  3. Bill Smith says:

    It was very nice seeing you and Sarah on the show today. The cumulative effect of all those involved in ds106 stuff far surpasses the visible stuff. Through this interview, and recent posts and initiatives, I see the New Web forming of individual, open participants interacting at all levels. And many working behind the scenes to keep the juices flowing. Remember, The Internet is in its infancy. What will the next 1, 5, 10 years bring? The new generation growing up with it is doing the innovating, the rest of us either work along side, tag along, or get left behind. (BTW, being left behind isn’t necessarily bad, if you’re in the niche you want to be in. There is too much for one person to do it all, but many areas to dabble in.)

  4. Alan Levine says:

    I had a short email/twitter exchange with Linda, she would definitely by on my list. I’d suggest as well:


    Amber (would love to hear how her summer 2013 internship at radio station went)

    Haley (of Course)

    Melinda (has continued using blog, tunes into ds106 radio)

    Grace (has really amped up her ds106 blog from stock theme and now makes surf videos)

    This is damn exciting.

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