Art and Tropicàlia at Domains19

Lauren and I recently spoke with Amy Collier about her Domains19 keynote, and we could not be more thrilled with her updated frame. Her talk “Ambitious futures for (digital) education: Perspectives from Tropicàlia” explores the questions of resistance, authoritarianism, and nationalism through the lens of Brazalian art, music, and educational theorists, what could be cooler? Read the entire talk description on the Domains19 site here.

We now have a full list of art installations at Domains19 for you to peruse, and if such kick ass presentations and art installations don’t convince you to register then you are truly an edtech zombie 🙂

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2 Responses to Art and Tropicàlia at Domains19

  1. Eric Likness says:

    Jim, I think you mean such Kick ass presentations in the last block of text.

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