Babyland’s “Worst Case Scenario”

I’m going through a bit of a nostalgia period (I am highly susceptible to this perceived weakness) and–as with most things–my remembrances of things past is often mediated by music and movies. The internets make my bouts of time travel so much richer and nuanced.

So, more to come from this journey back in time, but for now here’s a little treat from Babyland, “a performance-based ‘independent electronic junk punk’ band from LA” that formed in 1989 and are still going strong. In fact, their motto is “We will not go away” (I learned this on wikipedia). Mario Jimenez, a friend of mine during the LA days, turned me on to them back in 1993; in fact, he introduced me to just about every good band in LA during the early to mid-90s -thanks Mario!

The song is awesome, and the video is even better–it’s a twisted marriage of Reefer Madness and Friday the 13th. In many ways it reminds me of an R-rated version of the “Rick Noblenski Blasting Caps and Wiki Expert” mashup. However, be warned that the video contains drug abuse, violence, and sundry sordid acts of depravity 🙂 Enjoy!

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  1. Dan says:

    Dan from BABYLAND here. Thanks for the post. The video is a re-edit of a super 8 film my brother shot in the mid 80’s but never finished…

    We’re still going. And I actually took a class at UCLA with Mario just a couple of years ago!

  2. jimgroom says:


    Wow, it is truly remarkable that you found this, and downright amazing how quickly you found it. I was quite impressed to see that you guys are still at it, and that you will being playing Spaceland tonight.

    Viva Babyland, you guys rock. And let your brother know he should have finished this masterpiece, I absolutely love how over the top it is. Thanks for the comment, it is pretty crazy when the subject of your post is on the other end of it. Very trippy. And congrats on having your own wikipedia article, you have officially made it into the public consciousness.

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