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Just as D’Arcy Norman pauses his weekly reflections I’m contemplating starting mine. While browsing D’Arcy’s site a while ago I really dug his quick, snapshot summries of what he was up to the previous week. He’s been doing these weekly reflections for awhile, and it should come as no surprise he should lead the charge and burn out before I even become fully aware of the power of what he’s done—that’s often the case with D’Arcy. He quietly and consistently does great work in edtech, and it sounds like he’ll soon have a Ph.D. to augment his already formative super powers … avanti!

I have a few things happening across various contexts any given week, and I appreciate the way D’Arcy categorizes his reflections: work, Ph.D., reading, personal, etc. I’m thinking of categorizing things along the following lines:

Reclaim Hosting: much of my time is still spent working and thinking about Reclaim Hosting, and a weekly synopsis would definitely be useful for me to reflect on for posterity. Plus, catching all the ideas we chat about any given week would be a way to start collecting material for the Reclaim Hosting newsletter we are architecting for 2022.

bavacade: Reclaim Arcade is increasingly Tim’s domain, and what an awesome one it is!  Given my geographic isolation from that arcade nirvana, I’ve started acquiring games for the Italian outpost. Collecting and working on arcade cabinets has become a total blast for me, and the process of building out a home arcade here in Italy keeps me busy and happy.

Reading/Watching/Listening: I probably watch more movies/series than I read these days—a casualty of not teaching 🙁 That said, I’ve returned to reading more literature the last few months, and this might be a good way to take stock of my media consumption with lists, short reflections, etc.* Also, I’m listening to a fair amount of music during any given work day, and incorporating that into more streaming (see below) is a goal for 2022.

Broadcasting (Radio/Video Streaming): As part of all the above interests I have streamed a fair bit over the last two years on ds106radio, karaoke video sessions,, Reclaim Today, Reclaim Arcade stuff, etc. It was my favorite lockdown activity that has since become another fun past time to play around with. At the same time I rarely blog that stuff and it can quickly get buried in the black hole that is my hard drive, so this is a good way to take stock, even if it’s just lists and links: the primordial ooze of any great blog 🙂

Personal: Duke updates? I have heard on good authority that my dog needs more airtime across all my mediaz. Not only will it help me document some of the hikes, trips, highlights, etc., but also have a reason to upload and vet the photos I have taken any given week given l haven’t really found a place/workflow beyond Twitter to share them—having abandoned Instagram earlier this year.  That said, I have started uploading several thousand photos I took this year to Flickr again, so we’ll see if I can get back into that habit. I love to document all the stuff I do here in Italy, but I find time is moving a bit faster than my fingers these days, so an attempt to try and capture a bit of this without a separate post for everything may help in that regard. But then again, mapping it out here in a blog post filled with hope and possibility is a bit easier than actually doing it on the regular for 52 weeks, but it would be great if I did because archives of thought and reflection like that have been the greatest joy of playing the long web on this blog for the last 16 years.

Ok, so now that I built it up, I’m gonna try it on for the remaining weeks of December. I intend to post them Monday mornings as a way to jump start the week, but if you never hear mention of the “bava weekly” again, you know what happened 🙂


*I would like to link to blog posts, sites, projects, etc. I mean folks like Stephen Downes, Audrey Watters and Chris Lott have been doing awesome newsletters for a long while (OL Daily, Hack Education, and/or Katexic anyone?), but I’m afraid these weekly reflections will be far more self-indulgent and idiosyncratic than anything resembling a newsletter—it’s a “b” blog after all. It’s not lost on me how much work goes into a well curated newsletter, and between family, job, arcade games, hikes, and dogs I just don’t have that kinda time. Truth be told, it’s really just a weekly blog post, so even comparing it to anything resembling a newsletter is already wishful thinking and false advertising.

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  2. It’s like deja vu all over again. I MADE YOU, GROOM!

    kidding. looking forward to following along. definite FOMO for the whole home arcade situation…

    • Reverend says:

      You did, indeed! And the home arcade stuff is pretty fun, I think the next step is breaking out and making a custom cabinet for a more contemporary game like Cuphead or something. My youngest and I have been contemplating this move, but I really want whatever we do to be re-converted back into a CRT, so no LCD for a contemporary game—just not sure how that would work given the graphics and resolution. probably the best candidate for that would be Undertale, which we are also considering 🙂

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