Well this past week has been a quiet one on the blog because half of Reclaim Hosting was traveling or vacationing which meant more time atop the support wall defending against the Winter of our clients’ discontent. To add to what has turned out to be a crazy week has been a new member of the bava tribe. Introducing bavaduke:


The Bavaduke during his morning walk

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I’ve dreamed of having a big, shaggy dog for a while now, and as things happen Duca (which was immediately Americanized to Duke because Duca is too uppity in Italian and then soon after augmented with the suffix bava which is both a family name and Italian for drool—not to mention the ode to another storied canine Marmaduke) was looking for a home after what is a bit of a murky 3-year backstory. There were Südtirolean hunters involved, as well as Veronese Rifugio owners—essentially a lotta ins and outs and whatnot. But he is with us now, and I have woken up around 5 or 6 AM every morning to feed him and go on 2-3 hour hikes in the surrounding mountains. I marvel at his ability to retrieve balls in the thick of the forest. Italian Spinones are renowned hunting dogs, and this shines through when he gets on the scent of a ball thrown in the thicket. He circles and circles constantly until pinpointing his target with nose-driven radar.

I’m completely in love. This dog is Awesome with the kids, a solid hiking companion, and after just 5 days he has quickly become part of the family.

Not to mention he reminds me of the portrait of the green spagetti monster from season 1 of True Detective, which I recently re-watched for the third time. It’s destiny!


The hairy wood beast has arrived

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