bavaweekly 12-29-2021 -the Video Version!

Well this was a blast, the following video is a culmination of some streaming experimentation I’ve been doing since Christmas Eve. Winter break has become a time to return to some fun stuff I neglected throughout the year, and learning to use the ATEM Mini was time well spent!

In fact, it was because of this play time that I was able to get this stream together, and I have to say it came out better than expected. I messed up only once with forgetting to loop in the audio from VLC, so the three personal videos I played were without sound, but they were short and I was talking over them anyway. There were  a ton of moving parts, and I literally spent hours preparing, but for a first try at doing a focused stream with a clear beginning, middle and end, this felt pretty damn good.

I did write up this week’s bavaweekly notes, and I will get a post out in a day or two chronicling my thoughts, but at this point I’m shot. Not so sure I can spend anymore time in front of the computer, but there’s now a 20 minute video with a weekly recap of everything from Reclaim Hosting’s Holiday film party to news on the Arcade front to a look at my streaming setup, as well as some personal highlights from this week that include hanging with Duke and spending time with the fab fam. Special thanks to Anne-Marie and Chahira for watching and commenting in the livestream chat. I have to say I am loving Owncast, and having folks cheer you on is even more amazing. You both rule!

Xmas Lunch 2021

I forgot to include a lunch from Christmas lunch in the stream, so I’ll include it below, and then try and get a proper blog of this week’s reflects out of my notebook and into the ether. But here is a spoiler: it was a good week!

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3 Responses to bavaweekly 12-29-2021 -the Video Version!

  1. Grant says:

    Just watched the first episode of “Book of Boba” with the kids last night – lot’sa fandom at play. We watched the “Behind the Helmet” doc afterwards .. love the dark horse origins of that character .. they touch on the Holiday Special cameo in that doc

    • Reverend says:

      I mentioned Jon Favreau in my Show Notes post follow-up to this, and I have to give him some serious credit for saving the Star Wars franchise from the JJ Abrams abyss, it was touch and go there for a while, and the Mandalorian was awesome, and first time I saw/hear iof it was with you. You brought the goods from overseas!

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