Cane di bava

Because the bava family are gluttons for punishment, we are thinking about getting a dog. It’s huge for me ’cause I haven’t had a dog since growing up on Long Island with our family dog Thurman—named after the late, great Yankee captain Thurman Munson. Thurman was a rather large English Springer Spaniel. I loved that dog, and he lived a long, happy, and rather healthy 16 years. And given I’ve finally come to terms with settling in Fredericskburg for the long haul, I’m even enjoying the whole thing which has put me in a kind of domestic sphere of bliss these days—admittedly it’s hard to have an edge when you’re so god damned happy. Life has been fun these days, and I’ve been enjoying my house, manshed, and life in general with the bava family. So, given things have been going so well, why not add another variable to see if we can’t screw things up. How do you know you are really happy until you are tested? 🙂

And while I grew up with dogs, my peripatetic life for the last 20 years has allowed me to only ever have cats as an adult. Both of whom I love dearly, and who have been with us now for more than 12 years now. That said, I have to admit that cats ain’t dogs, and the bava is a dog lover through and through. And I’m not just talking about that rare breed of online dog either.

So, anyway, all this to say we’re considering an Italian hunting dog called the Spinone, it’s a bearded breed, and I just love their look and disposition. They look kinda like how I imagine British gentry look, and the fact that they are great with kids, total loungers, and sure hunters simply seals the deal. More than that, they’re Italian—which means they’ll appreciate the food in our house. What’s more, after having taken Dexter on a late night walk Brian Lamb (well to be accurate, Dexter walked us) I’ve been deeply impressed by the seemingly cosmic bond between dog and owner. It seems almost transcendental since language is not necessarily what rules the relationship—it’s all about trust, consistency, and developing a groove. It’s more about your every action as a cumulative effect, and I like that. And despite that Tom Woodward has repeatedly warned us against getting a dog, I think we’re almost ready to pull the trigger—plus I think i am a little tougher than Tom when it comes to these things. So, I have a feeling new era of my life is about to begin: adult dog owner. Rock on!

What’s more, Antonella agreed that what ever the name of the dog, we will append di bava as the surname. So, something like Bianca di bava or Bruno di bava. I’m kind loving this whole thing.

Update 10/9/2018: I found and updated the original video that was lost back in 2012 or so when my account was deleted.

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12 Responses to Cane di bava

  1. Tom says:

    Some men you just can’t reach . . . and you get what we’re gonna have here today which is me giving you our dog. It pretty much looks like that dog only in all black. Hell, if it were an iBook that’d cost you extra. I’m willing to give her to you for free.

    Expect delivery momentarily.

    *I considered writing both an explanation and a justification here but didn’t.

  2. Tom says:

    Plus, please count your children, add your job(s) and then get back to me when you have an equal or greater number.

  3. Important for kids to know how to love an animal. The dog will give them more confidence for adventure, a sense of security where their own senses are uncertain, and an appreciation for the relationship that you yourself know already too. Plus, I reckon owning a dog keeps imunity in the family ramped up = get sick less.

  4. Joseph Ugoretz says:

    Definitely get a dog. Absolutely.

    But please, really, go to your local animal shelter and get a mutt. You’ll have a healthier, longer-lived dog.

    You could even end up with one like the prince of all hairy mutts, my own Jerry!

  5. Tom says:

    Dog positive commenters must submit the number of children, their ages and pets they have.

    4 months
    2 years
    5 years
    6 years

    1 dog

  6. Joseph Ugoretz says:

    OK–I admit I’ve got it easy!

    1 child (14 years)
    1 dog
    3 cats

  7. Mikhail says:

    You’ve been eyeing the Spinone since time immemorial. I’m psyched you’re getting one.

  8. Tom says:

    A spinone is an Italian sandwich. Please ask your wife to quit messing with you by making fake wikipedia pages.

    And for the record, I like my dog.

  9. Reverend says:


    You have the seemingly preternatural ability to make me laugh in every medium. But particularly in blog comments.

  10. Trip Kirkpatrick says:

    Any dog that looks like that Spinone needs to be named Wilford Brimley. (Just hope he’s not as crazy as Wilford in The Thing )

    • Reverend says:


      What’s funny is that The Thing is one of my all time favorite movies (top 3) and Wilford Brimley is my third favorite character in that movie (behind Stiles and Parker). So you relating this dog to The Thing makes me know it is the right choice. Thank you very much 🙂

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