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Editing aliases.conf (a.k.a. mapping new domains)

Thanks to the great Zach Davis of Cast Iron Coding fame—dear friend, code guru, and the guy who invented the internet for me—I have a step-by-step guide for editing the aliases.conf file in order to enable domains pointed at UMW … Continue reading

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Lafayette College on WordPress

Ken Knewquist just announced that the Lafayette College redesigned website recently launched as a WordPress multi-site. And I have to say, that did it exactly right. It was created and designed by Viget Labs, which has a kinda markety innocuous … Continue reading

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Best tutorial for adding Custom Menus to WP Themes

I’ve been slowly trying to update as many themes as possible in UMW Blogs for the custom menus feature, and a Google search can be hit or miss in terms of howtos. In my experience thus far this tutorial is … Continue reading

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UMW Blogs Upgraded to WP 3.0 (a play-by-play)

I’m glad (and relieved) to finally say UMW Blogs has been upgraded to the WP 3.0 merged core files without a hitch. Whew! This was a burner for me, a bit more fear and trembling going into this one than … Continue reading

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Weird Visual Editor Issue on WP 3.0, RC 1

Having an odd issue on bavatuesdays that I can’t reproduce on any other sites in my install (namely, etc.). I can’t see the buttons in the visual editor, by default my visual editor icons in the Add New … Continue reading

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Upgrading from WPMu to WP 3.0: Keep your config!

I just updated to the latest version of WordPress 3.0 (release candidate 1) and one of the things I realized while upgrading my own sites is that you should really keep your WPMu wp-config.php file. I figured that I would … Continue reading

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