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Creating a Domain Alias for Mastodon Files Served through DigitalOcean Spaces

As promised in my last missive, this post will take you through creating a custom domain alias for the files being served by a DigitalOcean Spaces bucket. What does that mean? Well, DigitalOcean Spaces is a cloud-based file storage that … Continue reading

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Nothing is real without a Domain

I’ve been on a bit of a Sandstorm kick for the last few days, and this is a follow-up to my previous two posts about this impressive server environment for open source apps. The title of this post comes from a brief … Continue reading

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Domain Mapping on Squarespace

Building on the domain mapping documentation I am putting together for Reclaim Hosting (my last post took you through Domain Mapping on GitHub), this post will take you through how to point your domain to Squarespace. After you connect your domain over at Squarespace … Continue reading

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Domain Mapping on GitHub

Over the last couple of weeks a number of requests have come in at Reclaim Hosting from folks who what to map their domain (or a subdomain) on another service. I’ve been writing about domain mapping for years on the bava, and I … Continue reading

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Editing aliases.conf (a.k.a. mapping new domains)

Thanks to the great Zach Davis of Cast Iron Coding fame—dear friend, code guru, and the guy who invented the internet for me—I have a step-by-step guide for editing the aliases.conf file in order to enable domains pointed at UMW … Continue reading

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Summer of Love: Domain Mapping

Image credit: This cheesy t-shirt over at neatoshop that I love. My love affair with domain mapping has been well documented on this blog, and last week, before I went on vacation, UMW quietly took a big leap forward in … Continue reading

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Domain Mapping on Google Sites and UMW Blogs

Yesterday morning I went to visit a faculty member—Andy Smith in Historic Preservation—who has been using Google sites for a project she is working on called Fred Buildings. It is actually one of the nicer sites I’ve seen built with … Continue reading

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Mapping a domain within a mapped domain

So, I was wondering whether or not it would be possible to actually map a domain within a mapped domain on UMW Blogs, and I finally got my answer at the Faculty Academy workshop I ran on domain mapping. What … Continue reading

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