Colorized Snakeboy

I revisited an earlier image I had taken of Miles to experiment with Alan Levine’s “Splash the Color” visual assignment. I always wanted to learn how to experiment with color masking in Photoshop (I used PS for this one, not GIMP—sorry!), and thanks to Annie Belle’s brilliant tutorial here I can and did. I won’t give myself full credit for this attempt because I messed up the hair and don’t think I chose the perfect image because the hairline made it really tough, but I wanted to try it before class tonight to get my assignments started (I was feeling creatively stifled for the first 3 weeks) and I am happy with my new found understanding of masking in photoshop as well as the use of an adjustment layer, both a first for me. So, while worth 2 stars according to the assignment repository, I will only give myself one star until I redo this assignment again with a bit more precision and creativity, kinda like Annie 😉

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