Commodore 64 theme for WordPress

BoingBoing has linked to a Commodore 64 theme for WordPress.

So, having spent so much time as of late trying to make WP aesthetically pleasing, fluid, integrated, and easy to navigate, it was nice to set up a blog that represents quite possibly the most difficult and least accessible user interface for the uninitiated command line commie. Che divertito!

Commodore 64

Also, I would like to see if the spammers can crack this one!

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6 Responses to Commodore 64 theme for WordPress

  1. I suppose that’s cool enough… How about a Vic20? PET? ACORN? 😉

    Actually, that’s pretty darned cool. Man, was the UI ugly back then. I spent waaaaay too much time in there, entering programs from the latest Byte! Magazine…

  2. jimgroom says:

    They also have the VIC 20 as part of this theme!:)

  3. Phil G says:

    That is one ugly blog my friend…

  4. 64er says:

    Hi there! Where can i download this famous C64-Theme?
    The Link ( is down 🙁

  5. 64er says:

    @ Reverend: Thank you!!! Do you know an Amiga Theme for WP? 😉

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