Joomla or Drupal or WordPress?

Following the Joomla or Drupal conversation at OLDaily, I decided to throw in my own 2 cents by way of a comment -half serious and half in jest.

Joomla or Drupal

Within a fraction of a second I got my response.
Nonsense Comment

Well, thanks for thinking about it anyway

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5 Responses to Joomla or Drupal or WordPress?

  1. Because a lot of nonsense spam has been flooding websites, my antispam mechanism checks the response for some sense. It’s a very simple test, but it pretty reliably eliminates quips like this, in addition to the nonsense spam.

    The nice thing is that it forces writers to be at least a little expressive. Even with the benefit of context, I don’t know what you intended to say.

  2. Jim says:

    I was pretty impressed that it knew what I was saying was somewhat glib. I was just following a faulty logic I’ve been pushing through for a while, i.e. WordPress as a more sophisticated CMS. When I saw the question about Joomla and Drupal posed on OLDaily, I decided to throw out a comment, which was somewhat without context, irresponsible and juvenile. Nonetheless, I was thwarted. Which now is going to prompt me to write a more sustained post on the subject. So your CMS not only keeps out the riff raff, it makes folks think through their ideas in a more structured sense! Now, that’s a spam filter! Why would you want another?

    Thanks for engaging my nonsense and keeping me honest!

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  5. I was not very keen on that untill i read your post! It is really good one. I will appreciate it if you post some joomla tutorials.

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