Daily Shoot: When I get bigger

Image of Tommaso and I for Daily Shoot 307 (#ds307)

This photo credit goes to Antonella, who was thinking about this assignment with me most of the afternoon. I was feeling the pressure and really couldn’t think of anything too inspired. This prompt was hard for me given I spent most of the day doing yard work and being generally lazy. So I returned closer to home, and we took some shots of Tommaso. The one above captures the size better than the rest, and in many ways it is capturing the size of my babies when they are this small that started me blogging and taking photos and videos in the first place. A kind of blogging return home. Anyway, we wanted to play with the idea of objects within objects, like the matchbox car subsumed within our actual car, and use the side view mirror for interesting composition, but not sure that came out just right. Seems a bit forced, and not nearly as natural and real as Tommaso and me playing in the grass. So here is the image we were going for:

Image of side view mirror and car

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2 Responses to Daily Shoot: When I get bigger

  1. Alan Levine says:

    That is a beautiful photo and says a lot about big and small happy boys.

  2. Reverend says:

    Well, it’s nice to just have it there, as a testament to something. TO a moment I have already become nostalgic for 🙂 But the blog must go on.

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