darcynorman.net on an iPhone

Darcynorman.net on an iPhone

Not sure if anyone has given you a snapshot of your blog on an iphone yet, D’Arcy -if not, here it is! And notice the required reading in the upper right-hand corner of this image.

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2 Responses to darcynorman.net on an iPhone

  1. Thanks, Jim. Did it automagically pick the right width, or did it scale to just the width of the body element? If so, that’s some seriously cool scaling code!

  2. jimgroom says:

    Yeah, it works pretty smooth. You zoom in and out with a some particular finger motions, but the site came up as an extremely small-scale darcynorman.net. It auto-magically resized when I turned it horizontally or zoomed in on an article, etc. I don;t want to get caught up in the hype, but I was pretty blown away after having played with it for a few minutes.

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