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Blame Tom Woodward…

…because he is now feeding me posts regularly 🙂 Via FFFFound And in other news, I may have a real blog post in me yet.

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Exploding Blow Pop

I was just reading professor Kelli Slunt’s Food and Chemistry blog for her Freshman Seminar this semester. I got sucked in by all the cool links and recipes, the class uses the site as a space to share links to … Continue reading

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Small Pieces To-Go

Image credit: devnull’s Kafka2 Andy Rush and I recently did a presentation focusing on the small pieces loosely joined approach for mobile devices.  It was a fun presentation, particularly because Andy collected a wealth of information about apps for the … Continue reading

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darcynorman.net on an iPhone

Not sure if anyone has given you a snapshot of your blog on an iphone yet, D’Arcy -if not, here it is! And notice the required reading in the upper right-hand corner of this image.

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