Data Domains are Beautiful

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Tim Owens pointed out the fact that Chad Murphy’s post about Bernie Sander’s catching up with Obama’s 2007 poll numbers went bonkers on Reddit last night.


Click image for larger view.

It’s a pretty telling graphic, and if historical data is, indeed, a predictor of things to come, this will prove an interesting road to the 2016 election. Special thanks to Chad for helping us stress test UMW Domains 😉

What was even cooler was that the image led me back to Chad’s personal domain. He’s been using his domain to do some intense data analytics and predictions around the world of Soccer. Who knew he was a soccer statistician with predictive models around late season success?  The things you learn when you give your community their own personal web spaces to cultivate and publicly narrate their passions. I love seeing stuff like this. so awesome.

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