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Web Building at UMW or, Why Shannon Hauser is #4life

It’s been a while since I blogged about the goings on at University of Mary Washington (UMW). This past September marked seven years since I last worked there, which is crazy to even think about. I very much thought I … Continue reading

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Six Years of Stats on UMW Blogs

Today is the first time in ten years I will not be beginning a semester at UMW —and that number is 20 years if you count CUNY and UCLA. I’ve spent a long, long time in higher ed, and I’ve always been a fan … Continue reading

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Data Domains are Beautiful

Tim Owens pointed out the fact that Chad Murphy’s post about Bernie Sander’s catching up with Obama’s 2007 poll numbers went bonkers on Reddit last night. It’s a pretty telling graphic, and if historical data is, indeed, a predictor of things to … Continue reading

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Domains and the Cost of Innovation

Domain names – part of the answer to the digital skills gap? https://t.co/VVeGQQ6MiR – inspired by @audreywatters — Jim Knight (@jimpknight) July 17, 2015 Audrey Watters brilliant article “The Web We Need to Give Students” delineates a host of excellent reasons for … Continue reading

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Don’t get on the bava blacklist

In my last post I mentioned I was doing some sysadmin work for UMW Domains and UMW Blogs, as well as Reclaim Hosting—although Tim gives me only so much room to hang myself when it comes to Reclaim 🙂 One of the main … Continue reading

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The Smallest Possible Blog Post About SPLOTS or TSPBPASPLOTS

Increasingly intrigued with SPLOTS.

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Password Management Ground Zero for Digital Literacy

During the open infrastructure panel at the OpenVA conference in Virginia Beach this past Fall, Martha Burtis had a great little tear about how we should focus less on centrally integrated IT systems that hide complexity, and push towards loosely … Continue reading

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Domain Knowledge

Erika Spivey, Assistant Director of Media and Public Relations, published a follow-up on Domain of One’s Own today titled “Peer Mentoring Elevates Domain of One’s Own.” What I like about this piece is how it ties the ability for DTLT to scale a program … Continue reading

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An Art Portfolio of One’s Own

Over the weekend UMW alum Lindsay Coffman wanted to know how to point her portfolio’s domain to her Squarespace site. In fact, we got two different requests over the weekend from fine arts alum who wanted to do this—does that make it … Continue reading

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UMW Domains Data through Spring 2015

Mary Washington is doing a follow-up story on UMW’s Domain of One’s Own a year-and-a-half later. The occasion provided me an opportunity to start breaking down some of the data we’ve collected thus far. We got the data out of Banner thanks to Jill Ellington, who works in the … Continue reading

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