Day 25: Clash of the Titans Action Figures

Image fro Plaid Stallions
Image care of Plaid Stallions.

Clash of the Titans was one of the formative films of my childhood, so there can be no question that when the first—and only—line of figures were released by Mattel I was all over them. I particularly like Calibos and Charon, but the Kraken was not half bad either. These are rather rare toys because they never really took off despite the fact that Clash of the Titans was one of the many films post-1977 banking on being the next Star Wars. And while successful as a film, just like every other film ASW (after Star Wars it had no chance to compete with the Lucas marketing empire. The Clash of the Titans action figures are high on the list of toys I wished my mother wouldn’t have thrown out or sold at a garage sale for a quarter. And one day, i will own them all again 😉 You can see more of the Clash of the Titans catalog on Plaid Stallions here.

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