Domain of One’s Own Poster: Visualizing the Connections

Giulia Forsythe’s Domain of One’s Own Poster

So far we’ve had three different posters printed to promote the Domain of One’s Own initiative, and thanks to Giulia Forsythe we have yet another. Giulia’s visual not only captures all the complex facets and connections that this project represents culturally, curricularly, and communally (Martha Burtis gives an excellent history the long history of Domain of One’s Own), but it is like a rich tapestry to look at. Add to that her thoughtful and nuanced post about the creation process and you have a truly remarkable reflection of what this initiative represents. I plan to have a number of smaller versions printed, but a larger, full-blown version printed and framed for our offices.

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One Response to Domain of One’s Own Poster: Visualizing the Connections

  1. David says:

    Love that poster! We’ve kinda talked about trying to make an RSA Animates-style presentation here, which this reminds me of… so cool!

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