Domains in (Stop) Motion

On Friday Martha Burtis made an amazing bit of stop-motion animation for the Domain of One’s Own project. It was designed for the EagleVision digital signage we have up around campus as a way to promote the project—explaining the absence of sound. I really love the idea of lowfi whiteboard animation art to showcase UMW Domains, it hearkens back to the old gold “Funny Faces” animation done by Stuart Blackton in 1906. Martha has nailed it, and I’m going to spend part of this week imagining another approach for using EagleVision to communicate this project to the campus community. It’s actually a cool, relevant, and localized challenge to tackle, and I’m excited to get back in creative mode for at least a bit. Thanks or the inspiration Burtis!

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  1. Very cool! @mburtis owns the web! (…or at least groks it!)

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