ds106: A Pre-Course List of things to do

This email was sent out on June 9th as a follow-up to the original email I sent to all registered UMW students introducing the class. In the email below I break down some of the things I am expecting all of the registered UMW students to have done by Friday, June 17th as a passport into the class. Open, online students don’t necessarily have to follow all the requirements here, but this provides a good indicator of the services we will be using, and some of the expectations for having a twitter account, blog, Flickr account, etc.



You can take a look at the syllabus for the course here. The course calendar is also available here, but keep in mind that I still have some work to do on this before the course starts on the 20th.

Given the course is going to move at such a rapid pace, there are a number of things I would like each of you to do before the course actually starts on June 20th. I will be available for help on any and all of these points. You can get immediate support from me on email, or even better via Twitter (which you will be required to use during this course). My twitter handle is jimgroom.

What’s more, you should have already signed up for an account on the ds106 course site here. If you haven’t yet, please do this as soon as possible, and be sure to update your profile regularly with the various services you will be required to join (such as Twitter, Flickr, your blog domain, etc.).

  • First, you will need to setup up a Twitter account if you don’t have one already (http://twitter.com). After that, I need you to tweet me (@jimgroom) that you are part of the ds106 Summer of Oblivion—use the hashtag #ds106 for this tweet. If you don’t know what a Twitter hashtag does, look it up on Google.
  • You will also need to signup for a web host and domain. This is a bit more complex (but just a bit) than the previous two, so there is a tutorial here for this process. Please feel free to ask me questions should you run into any problems.
  • Once you have the web host and domain all set, you will need to install your own WordPress blog. You an find a tutorial for this here.

OK, that’s it for now, and I would like these tasks completed no later than Friday, June 17th—think of this as your passport to the ds106 world of awesome.


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4 Responses to ds106: A Pre-Course List of things to do

  1. Emily says:

    And just like getting a passport, it is a grueling process that involves a lot of work and deadlines. Luckily Jim Groom is more helpful than the people at the passport office.

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  3. Tim Owens says:

    Officer Bava: “Business or Pleasure”
    Timmmmyboy: “Pleasure, definitely pleasure. No wait, business. Wait, what?”
    Officer Bava: “Say what again, I dare you!”
    Timmmmyboy: “Oh sweet merciful god, here have an animated GIF”
    *awkward pause*
    Officer Bava:”………..that’s oisome. You may enter.”

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