The ds106 Summer of Oblivion gentle cow prod email

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As of now less than half of you [the registered UMW students] have signed-up for an account on the ds106 site as I made clear in the first email I sent. What’s more, even fewer of you have started to work through the list of things to-do before the course starts. So consider this a gentle “cow prod” to get going on signing-up on the ds106 site and working through the pre-course list of things to do. Everything needs to be up and running by June 17th, and if for some reason you have a problem with this I need to know immediately. This is an intensive, entirely online Summer course, and you need to be up and running with all the different technologies beforehand so that we can start playing in earnest come day 1.

Remember, having this stuff done is your passport into the class.

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3 Responses to The ds106 Summer of Oblivion gentle cow prod email

  1. Jim says:

    Crazy cool gif.

  2. Todd Conaway says:

    Yer mean pardner!

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