Image Credit: Alan Levine's "I found the bus"

The whole idea of the ds106 bus touring around the country—if if not the world!—bringing the good word to the people has been a hard one to shake. I’m dreaming about the idea of ds106-in-a-bus more an more these days. So much so that I’ve included below a 6 minute digression from last night’s class in which I try and explain the bus to the students in ds106 at UMW.

The ds106 Bus from umwnewmedia on Vimeo.

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10 Responses to ds106-in-a-Bus

  1. dkernohan says:

    “It’s high-tech … and it’s low-tech”.

    It’s the DS106 bus and the dream will not die.

  2. Reverend says:

    I love your love and faith in the bus, if we will it, it is no dream!

  3. Todd Conaway says:

    “Can I Dream, Please?”

    Yes, you can dream. No pipe dreams though, only dreams you have worked hard at developing the story line for.

    And you have worked hard at developing the ds106 story-line and fostering a community in schooling spaces and stepping out of the classroom/LMS wall into the bright sunshine. The bus is coming. Jeez, the bus is already here in a way. It is already driving around internationally. All across the U.S. “The internet as bus.” I’m on it as I speak. I am driving down the highway of words and pictures and videos and ideas and sounds…. I am so on the bus.

    Go right ahead. Dream on!

  4. Jim Groom says:


    a) You nare a beautiful man.

    b) You are exactly, precisely right, the bus is already here, an the one we actually drive around in in physical space is just gravy!

  5. linda3dots says:

    Yes. I can already imagine the documentary: “DS106 Bus Tour.” 🙂

    So… when do we start campaigning for funds? And how much does a DS106 bus cost anyway? (…or are we just dreaming?) 😉

  6. Annie Belle says:

    I totally vote YES for the bus. Keep dreaming big!! I love your enthusiasm, and do not at all think something like a traveling DS106 bus is out of the question. Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. Larry Hanley says:

    get on the bus! . . . be sure to include San Fran on your itinerary . . . I’m imagining a kind of remix of Merry Pranksters and Merry Partridges . . .

  8. Andy Albright says:

    I’ve got 50$ for you and your bus if you tell me where to send it. Name a rivet after me!

  9. Ronald says:

    I’d love to see the bus visit Nederland.

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