ds106 live broadcast 7-18-11: Press Conference with Detective Kim Droom

Today’s press conference with Detective Kim Droom starts to shed some light on the events of Camp Oblivion this past weekend. There is a suspect in custody. Also, both Jim Groom and Dr. O’Blivion are alive and well and being treated for minor injuries—though the same can’t be said for far too many of the #ds107ers. Detective Droom has linked the event at Camp Oblivion to larger global conspiracies like the NFL Lockout, Google+, and News Corps Phone Hacking—but there is no solid evidence of any of these links as of yet. More details will be delivered throughout the day tomorrow as they come available. Stay tuned to ds106.tv/live.

One more extremely important thing for all the UMW for-credit students, as Kim Droom noted in his press conference each and everyone of you need to archive your blogs as part of the on-going investigation into this case—which is quite complex with lots of ins and outs. What does this mean for you? Well, you need to have your blogs archived on an external site like http://umwblogs.org or http://wordpress.com. Instructions for archiving your blog can be found here. Keep in mind you must archive your blog no earlier that July20th and no later than July 21st—if it is not archived correctly I will not submit your grade until it is. See the instructions on archiving your site for all the details—please read that post in its entirety.

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5 Responses to ds106 live broadcast 7-18-11: Press Conference with Detective Kim Droom

  1. David Gurri says:

    Seems like the timing of these videos is getting more and more unpredictable… is there any way to know when they’ll be live streaming?

    • Reverend says:

      For the first three weeks it was 11:30 Am, and for weeks 4 and 5 we moved it to 1:30 PM to give others the option to see it live. Did you miss the details in the email week 3?

  2. Joe Proffitt says:

    I’m glad I chose to move to the skies. Not only was I safe from this so-called massacre, I was in fact, totally unaware that such an event was occurring.

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