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It Came from the bava Archive, Volume 1

Back in September I installed the On This Day plugin to start trying to review and clean-up the bava archive on a more regular basis. With almost 4,000 posts, this blog has accumulated a lot of jettisoned media and broken … Continue reading

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Archiving Twitter

Thanks to this post on the OL Daily, and this subsequent toot from Grant Potter reminding me to do it, I spent time converting my recently acquired Twitter archive into markdown. “Why?” you ask. Well, Mattias Ott covers that beautifully: … Continue reading

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The Sisyphean Labor of Link Love

I woke up this morning to a Twitter exchange between Alan Levine and Ken Bauer about creating a plugin that points dead links on a blog to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine: I might need a WordPress plugin than converts … Continue reading

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Organizational Linkrot

I’ve been going through the paces of trying to keep the bava in relatively good shape, and one of the things I forgot was a few random audio and video files that were outside the standard WPMS blogs.dir upload folder. … Continue reading

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What Was Known

I have been working away at some of my end of the year archiving projects, and one that has been taking more time then I planned has been my various attempts to migrate and archive Known to WordPress. I started … Continue reading

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Archiving OpenVA

I finally got around to converting some dormant WordPress sites to straight-up HTML. This was inspired by similar efforts by folks like Adam Croom and Keegan Long-Wheeler who put their sites on a web diet of sorts.  I decided to … Continue reading

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Steal from Work

I recently listened to Jason Scott‘s “Now and Then, Here and There” talk for the Eleventh Hope (Hackers on Planet Earth) Conference. Jason is a free-range archivist working at the Internet Archive. His work with browser-based software emulation over the last few years … Continue reading

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Digital Dioramas

On Wednesday I was able to tune into the Decentralized Web Summit for a couple of hours thanks to the live stream. The event was hosted in the web’s chapel or, the Internet Archive. The video stream has all been archived, and … Continue reading

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Archiving My Digital Past

Finally started project I’ve been putting off for too long, organizing all my archvied files across 5 or 6 computers I’ve had last 10 years. — Jim Groom (@jimgroom) June 6, 2016 A few nights ago I finally bit the … Continue reading

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Importing and Archiving Tumblr Images on WordPress

I’ve been in web host archiving hell as of late. There is close to nine years of internet kipple on my hosting account and it is starting to fill me with a terrible sense of dread.  I’ve been deleting old … Continue reading

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